About US

About Us

VTech team make stories for their customers consultants play an important role in the business world. From smaller non-profit organizations to huge global corporations, companies rely on the expertise of advisors and consultants to make important business decisions. Advisors/Consultants /Managers/Analysts are provided on a contract basis from 3 months to 2 years or more. We offer wide range of consulting services with necessary tools and expertise to help grow business 


We strive to become a global consulting company, passionate in helping business and organization to reach and maximize their projects plan



VTech mission starts from passion and commitment towards our clients to deliver solution on time that solves business most complex problem, overcome challenges they might face during the project life cycle and within budget. It enables our team of consultant to become a better company for ourselves, for our clients, business and the entire community as whole  



Determine our company culture and our decisions and how we serve our clients and employee are based on following six core corporate values:


Revenue Inrease


REturn Users


Our Core Values